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The answer to Europe's goals on cellulosic ethanol

Europe decided that in the year 2020, 93% of all the ethanol being mixed to gasoline will have to come from cellulose instead of sugar. This type of ethanol is called "cellulosic", but depends highly on the basic matter where it will have to be come, called "feedstock"

Problem is, Europe doesn't really have proper feedstocks for that kind of ethanol. The options available, such as wood residues, urban trash, straw, etc have too much lignin, chlorine, etc. This means an end product too expensive and thus uncompetitive.

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Sugarcane is provenly the best feedstock for cellulosic ethanol. It has a high amount of cellulose, low lignin, and it grows fast. In fact, sugarcane is one of the most effective crops, being able to grow on just 2% sunlight, fix nitrogen, etc.

However, sugarcane is mostly a tropical crop, being unable for example to move sugar under temperatures below 5o C. However, it is also extremely adaptable, and in fact there are literally hundreds of varieties adapted to several soils, conditions, pests, etc Thus, all is required is to develop a variety which is able to grow on colder climates, thus allowing it to grow in regions in Europe where regular sugarcane would not able to prosper. This is called "Energy Cane"

This is what we are going to do, and once this variety is ready, it will be registered so farmers all over Europe will be able to grow it. And cellulosic ethanol will be able to use it to obtain ethanol. EThe end result is Europe will have a type of ethanol which does not compete with food and which helps in preventing oil imports and decreases the continent's carbon footprint.

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Who we are


Leading universities from all over Europe with proven expertise on sugarcane, energy canes, DNA sequencing, and related technologies


Companies from all over Europe have joined, as the EUnergyCane is a financially proven and sound project which does not depend on just one source of income as it usually happens in renewable energy projects

Government Institutions

The EUnergyCane is receiving full support from a number of european government institutions given its benefits to its population