Animal Feed

Quality food for feedstocks

The EunergyCane will provide quality carbohidrates for cattle feed during winter times.

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Mobility and Electricity

The EunergyCane will provide biomass for second generation ethanol, pellets for heating, and biomass for electricity production

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DNA mapping

The EunergyCane will identify potential markers in the DNA of sugarcane and energy grasses which will increase their resistance to low temperatures, lack of water, and pests

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Plastic and other uses

The ethanol obtained from the EunergyCane feedstock variety can be used for the production of plastics such as polyethylene

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What is the Consortium

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A Consortium to answer Europe's future energy needs

The EunergyCane consortium is a group of companies, universities, and govt. institutions which are directly involved in the development of a sugarcane hybrid (usually called by the market "Energy Cane") destined for mostly the european market. This hybrid will provide Europe with a number of valuable products, such as ethanol, cattle feed, heating, electricity, etc.

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A feedstock to answer Europe's cellulosic ethanol production goals

Europe decided that in the year 2020, 93% of all ethanol mixed in its gasoline will have to come from cellulose instead of sugar. This type of ethanol (called "cellulosic") however, is harder to obtain and thus requires very especific feedstocks. The EUnergyCane will create it, farmers will grow it, and cellulosic ethanol producers will use it to extract the cellulose needed for their production. The end result will be sustainable ethanol fully in line with Europe's goals and regulations.