The project, in its 2 main areas

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1 - Research and development of a cold-resistant sugarcane

This is the core business of the EUnergyCane project, and it is destined to create a new sugarcane variety able to grow in Europe to provide sustainable biomass to the biobased industries (not food). This variety will allow Europe to fulfill its 2020 obligations to provide its markets with ethanol produced from non-food sources, and will provide european farmers with a new source of income

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2 - Production of laboratory-grade sugarcane bagasse in Europe

Currently, the EUnergyCane project's lead company, Alkol Biotech, is the only provider of sugarcane bagasse in Europe. Its clients are ethanol producers and technology providers wishing to use it for cellulosic ethanol production or for testing their technologies without having to import from non european countries (with the usual red tape that ensues)