1 - What do you do?
In a nutshell, we improve crops
2 - Why?
To make them more resistant to cold, pests, lack of water, etc
3 - Aren´t already companies doing that?
Yes, but they focus on crops destined for food, whereas we focus exclusively on crops destined for the production of plastics and chemicals
4 - Why?
Because plastics and chemicals are based on oil, which is being phased out, so we need another source
5 - And what could be those chemicals and plastics?
Polyethylene, PLA, ethanol, butanol, methanol, furfural, etc
6 - And how do you improve crops?
By altering them genetically
7 - But isn´t that basically a GMO?
8 - But don´t GMO´s cause cancer?
It does not apply to us as our crops are not edible
9 - And do you have a crop you already improved?
Yes, a sugarcane variety we called EUnergyCane
10 - Why?
Because it is the best photosynthetizer in the world, because it can avoid photorespiration, because it has an energy ratio of 1 to 8, because it can fix nitrogen...
10 - Still, sugarcane does not grow in Europe
Actually it has been growing for almost 1000 years in Spain
11 - I did not know that. But Spain is still a warmer country than, say, Poland...

Thats why we are improving it to be able to grow in colder countries
12 - But are you only going to work on sugarcane?.
Not at all, we have other crops we plan to improve as well
13 - Do you have further info?
You can see our video below

EUnergyCane: our first project

Our current research is focused on the development of a cold-resistant sugarcane variety able to grow in Europe for the production of several products. Learn more at http://www.alkolbiotech.co.uk/eunergycane