Feedstock Sourcing

We are the only provider in Europe of locally produced sugarcane from our fields in Motril in Spain. The minimum order is 5 tons and it is shipped during harvest from January to June every year. We can provide it raw or in dry form and our usual customers are european companies and research institutions studying the crop for cellulosic ethanol production.
The alternative until now was to import sugarcane from far away countries such as Brazil, India, Brazil, Pakistan, etc. The problem with that was the excessive amount of red tape from the part of the EU which required, for example, for it to be fumigated, which effectively altered the chemical composition of the feedstock and thus the results obtained.
Also, the customer can now receive it in a matter of days from a regular truck instead of by boat in months.

Sugarcane Bagasse Characteristics

For more information on sugarcane bagasse, please download the PDF at http://www.alkolbiotech.co.uk/Sugarcane bagasse characteristics.pdf