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Alkol Biotech a finalist to the 2017 Global Energy Award

London, 13 October 2017 - It is with an enormous sense of achievement that Alkol Biotech informs it has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 edition of the prestigious Global Energy Awards.

The prize, created by Platts, has been running yearly since 1999 and honors organizations and individuals who are dedicated to achieving excellence in the energy industry. Platts receives more than 200 nominations each year: nominations have come from more than 25 countries including Brazil, India, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Argentina, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States. Platts is proud to count former OPEC energy ministers, national regulators, former heads of major energy companies and leading academics and legislators among its judges, past and present. In fact, the Platts Global Energy Awards have been described by past entrants and winners as "Oscars" of energy: on average, 450 energy industry executives attend the black-tie Platts Global Energy Awards recognition dinner each year.

Alkol Biotech has been nominated in the category "Industry Leadership Award - Bioenergy" ( and the winner will be announced on December 7.

In the words of its CEO, Al Costa, "We are confident we can win. In fact, being side by side with companies the size of DuPont and UPM can only be achieved when you truly have something unique. In this sense, our EUnergyCane sugarcane variety is the key, as, being the only sugarcane variety suited to the European climate, it is increasingly being seen as the best feedstock solution for the production of a large number of fuels, plastics, and chemical products which today come from oil, and this becomes increasingly clear as we approach 2020 with its 7% 1st generation biofuel limit in Europe."

About Alkol Biotech
Alkol Biotech is a UK based company which is leading the way in the development of sustainable feedstocks to feed the new biobased economy. The company adapts plant varities to grow in colder and drier climates, offering better resistance to pests and diseases, and higher productivities. Its first crop is the EUnergyCane, currently the only sugarcane variety natively european and able to grow in cold regions.